High Ongar Parish Council
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Your Council


Your Council

Councillor:Michael Phillips

Email: cllrphillips@highongarpc.co.uk

Councillor: Elaine Williams

Email: cllrwilliams@highongarpc.co.uk

ERowe2.pdf Liz Rowe Vacant

Councillor: David Sykes

Email: cllrsykes@highongarpc.co.uk

DKnight.pdf David Knight Chris Funnell

Councillor: Steve Smith

Email: cllrsmith@highongarpc.co.uk

I have been a parish resident for 26 years and joined High Ongar Parish Council around 7 years ago.

High Ongar is such a top-notch place to live, with uninterrupted aspects of beautiful rolling countryside, the good local amenities and the acres of space we have to enjoy whilst being able to easily access central London and all it has to offer.

Do not take our surroundings for granted, support our village amenities and businesses and get actively involved in our village community. Join a club or society; support village events and engage with your Parish Council.

However, evolution needs to take place in a controlled and sustainable way; housing should be available for first time buyers and for those older members of the community who wish to downsize. Any development in the village must occur in proportion to the community’s facilities.

Parking problems and road safety issues are regular topics of concern within our community.

I am available to listen to your thoughts regarding village issues and most importantly represent your views.

Councillor: Richard Berry

Email: cllrberry@highongarpc.co.uk

Richard has lived in the Parish for 44 years. He has been a Councillor for the best part of 20 years and Chairman, now retired, for more that 10 years. He is married with a grown up family. Having retired from full time employment in industrial distribution he is now a business consultant. His main hobbies are connected with rural conservation and protecting the Green Belt.

Councillor: Chris Funnell

Email: cllrfunnell@highongarpc.co.uk

I have lived in village since 1976, raising two children who attended High Ongar Primary School. Most of my working life has been with the heating industry, working in various capacities. I am now 90% retired but am on call to cover in a training environment on occasions.

Having previously been a parish council member in the past, i re-joined in 2015.

Councillor: David Knight

Email: cllrknight@highongarpc.co.uk

Councillor: Liz Rowe

Email: cllrrowe@highongarpc.co.uk

Liz has lived in High Ongar since 1995 and was elected onto the Parish Council in May 2016.  She comes from a farming background and educated at a private Boarding School obtaining her secretarial training at St James Academy in London.  She was a member of Ongar Young Farmers at 16 and served as Secretary for several years.  

She worked in London for Barristers and QC's then joined Ford Motor Company where she worked for 42 years as a Personal Assistant to Directors and Vice Presidents of various departments including Product Planning and Design.  She served on a Women's Marketing Panel which involved travelling through Europe.

She is very close to her brother and family and has a large network of friends.  Her hobbies include golf, upholstery, gardening, various crafts, keep fit classes, gun dog training and good food.

SSmith.pdf Steve Smith ERowe.pdf EWilliams.pdf Elaine Williams Gordon Arthur SCollins.pdf Simon Bosworth Vacant John Tory